Places to Go Paddle

Places to take your kayak or canoe in the Ozarks

In the Ozarks we have many, many streams that are excellent for floating with either a canoe or kayak. An excellent reference for finding floatable streams in Missouri is the Paddler’s Guide to Missouri, produced by the Missouri Dept of Conservation. It is now out of print but I’ve been told they’re producing an updated version. In the meantime you can find most of the same information in an online version of the Paddler’s Guide to Missouri. Similarly detailed information on Arkansas Rivers can be found at the Southwest Paddler’s website.
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2 thoughts on “Places to Go Paddle

  1. Don Mann

    Bull Shoals Lake is a very clean and accessible lake. There are multiple put in points at Corps of Engineer sites and even city parks. There are enough commercial facilities to make you feel like you are within striking distance of civilization yet remote enough that you are not cheek to jowl with the next person. On the Arkansas side of the lake is the damn site and the Gaston Visitors Center which is really beautiful and deserves a look-see if you are in the area. Of course, below the damn, the water on the White River is ice cold and apparently great for trout fishing. In general, the area is a good place to go for your outdoor activities.

    1. Gary

      Thanks for that information Don, we’re hoping to check out some of the Bull Shoals campgrounds once the weather gets a bit cooler. Last year they were inundated with flood water, this year they’re baking!


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