Photo gallery: Big Bay Campground

Welcome to our gallery of photographs taken at Big Bay Campground.

Note: Big Bay campground is now closed.

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2 thoughts on “Photo gallery: Big Bay Campground

  1. Jim Travis

    Your photos are outstanding. As concessionaire of Big Bay I can tell you that forest service budget cuts are causing this particular campground to run on a shoestring. Only wish we could provide more amenities, but not likely to happen.

    1. Ginger

      It’s so sad that we are losing funding for support of recreational use of our public lands. You’re doing a great job with that shoestring! One of the reasons we started this website is to increase public awareness and use of these wonderful public resources, of which Big Bay is a gem! If enough people know about and use our national, state, and local outdoor recreational facilities then it is our hope that public pressure will lead to increased funding.

      And thank you for the kind words about the photographs. We both are pretty passionate about catching the “perfect shot” which always seems to happen when our cameras are locked in a drybox or stuffed deep in our packs. But we keep trying!


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