Ozarks Spring Wildflowers: Least Bluet

Picture of Least Bluet, a spring wildflower seen while hiking in the Missouri Ozarks.

Least Bluet (Houstonia pusilla)

I must admit that I’m partial to blue flowers and they always catch my eye. Even when they’re so tiny that nobody else ever sees them. And this is the case with the Least Bluet. They grow in full sun and I typically see them on the wet gloppy part of a glade, in between the stones. These Bluets are quite uniform in appearance, being all the same size and all the same color and all the same height in any given location. They’re tiny. About 3/8″ across standing on stems about 2″ in height.

Their real name is Houstonia pusilla, but in some sources it’s Hedyotis crassifolia. Hmm…I guess the scientists are still working this one out. No matter, I love to see it when I can.

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