A new look for the Ozarks Walkabout website

We’ve been updating the Ozarks Walkabout website with a new design developed to work seamlessly on all screen sizes from cell phones to giant desk-top monitors. Now you can read our site from home, the office, and out on the trail too. So, go ahead and have a look around the site, and enjoy the nice, new look.

An image of the new Ozarks Walkabout homepage.

A new look for the Ozarks Walkabout Website

By the way, there’s still a small amount of tidying up work to be done, if you spot any problems that don’t go away in a few days please let us know.

2 thoughts on “A new look for the Ozarks Walkabout website

  1. Ron

    Formatting is showing:

    [daquote type=block]This initiative is a great opportunity to promote Missouri’s proud outdoor heritage, improve your health and – best of all – have fun with family and friends.[/daquote]

    Part of the Missouri (pronounced with a “ah” sound per my mother) 100 challenge.


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