Berry Bend Campground – Harry S Truman Lake, Missouri

Berry Bend Campground. sits on a promontory reached via short causeway on the Osage River Arm of Harry S Truman Lake, 29 Miles from Clinton Missouri, 18 miles from the junction with Highway 13 and 11 miles from Warsaw Missouri. Here’s a link to our directions on How to get to Berry Bend Campground.

In common with most of the campgrounds on Truman Lake, one of the loops of Berry Bend is open almost all year round. Berry Bend does close for a couple of days for special hunting events – so always check.

As of 2014 the A loop is closed year-round except on major holidays. The Corps of Engineers’ website states that the A Loop sites are available for for walk-in camping – you’ll need to talk to the camp hosts to sort that one out. We need to go back and re-visit Berry Bend and find out exactly what is and isn’t possible.

We particularly like Berry Bend because this a great part of the lake to take the kayaks on, with lots of areas to explore. There are plenty of campsites at Berry Bend with lake access so we can launch straight off the beach, and there is also a 25 mile equestrian trail which is great for hiking.

Truman lake itself has around 950 miles of shoreline – that’s a lot to fish and explore.

Berry Bend Campground – Campground Summary

Official site US Corps of Engineers – Truman Lake
No. Campsites 191
Loops 2
Our favorite sites A20, A47, C92, C54, C14.
Electric hook-up Yes
Toilets Flush & Vault
Potable Water Yes
Showers Yes – prime season only
Payment Direct at the Fee Booth, or after hours by cash or check in an envelope provided at the Fee Booth
Open year-round Yes. The C loop is open year round, except for special hunting days. The A loop is only open on major holidays. The Corps of Engineers’ website states that the A Loop sites are available for for walk-in camping.
Camp host Yes
Amenities The sites are well shaded, and a large number of the sites have a path to access Harry S Truman Lake. All sites have a fire ring, picnic table and lantern post. There’s a near-by boat put-in at the day use area. and you can hike on the 25 mile equestrian trail. There is playground equipment for children and a swimming beach.


Late evening at Berry Bend Campground with sunlight falling between the trees on our MSR Mutha Hubba Tent .

Late evening at Berry Bend Campground with sunlight falling between the trees on our MSR Mutha Hubba Tent. Campsite A47 – April 2012

View from the tent: mist on the lake – Berry Bend, Harry S Truman Reservoir – April 2012

Mist and low clouds wafting over Truman Lake in the morning while the sun breaks through, lighting the shore. A motorboat speeds by.

We sat on the shore of Truman Lake and watched the low clouds tumble by as the sun broke through. Fisherman would buzz by in their boats as they got onto the lake for a day of fun – April 2012

Evening Campfire, Berry Bend Campground, Harry S Truman Reservoir – April 2012

The bluffs at Berry Bend are very nice, well worth investigating and promise some good fishing too – April 2012

There are a few things you need to know about Truman Lake. The water is very silty, so visibility is limited – when I’m fishing I use noisy and brightly colored lures. Truman is also quite a new lake and there are a lot of dead trees in it. Great for the fish, but a nuisance to lures and motor boats. A great thing about kayaking is that you can get right in the trees without fear of breaking your prop. Unusually for the Ozarks lakes, Truman appears to have quite a current at times. Finally, we’ve noticed that the lake gets a lot of farmland run-off, rich in nutrients. The silty water stops sunlight reaching far down, but we have noticed a foot or so band of green algae around the shore.

Two Ascend kayaks pulled onto the shore of Truman Lake, the occupants came ashore to explore.

Anytime you’re tired of paddling or want to check out something on the shore, it’s easy to “dock” your kayaks anywhere. This time it was a pit-stop for the humans. Afterwards we paddled over to that bluff you see in the background and found some wonderful formations in the rocks – April 2012

Ginger has a look at some of the bluffs on Harry S Truman Reservoir

Campsite A20, Berry Bend Campground, Harry S Truman Lake, Missouri

Campsite A20, Berry Bend Campground, Harry S Truman Lake, Missouri – October 2010

Smoking campfire and cooking breafast at Berry Bend Campground Harry S Truman Lake

Cooking breakfast at campsite A20, Berry Bend Campground – October 2010

Bluffs and dead trees on Truman Lake, Missouri

Camping in the Fall at Berry Bend Campground Harry S Truman Lake, Misouri

Our Coleman Sunlight Ridge Tent at Berry Bend Campground in the Fall – November 2010

View across Harry S Truman Lake from Berry Bend Campground – November 2010

Ginger Davis Allman Kayaking on Harry S Truman Lake in November 2010

Ginger kayaking on Harry S Truman Lake at Berry Bend – November 2010

Our MSR Mutha Hubba tent at Berry Bend Campground Campsite C92 – November 2010

Sunset on Harry S Truman Lake at Berry Bend

Sunset on Harry S Truman Lake at Berry Bend – February 2012

Getting to Berry Bend Campground from Highway 13 and Highway 65

View Route to Berry Bend Campground, Truman Lake, Missouri in a larger map

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Google street view showing the junction of State Highway Z with the road to Berry Bend Campground. The Campground is about 2.5 miles down this road. Once you pass the Equestrian Campground and boat put-in (both on the left), Berry Bend is just a short distance after crossing the causeway.

Note: watch out for wildlife and horses on the road in this area.

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10 thoughts on “Berry Bend Campground – Harry S Truman Lake, Missouri

  1. kristen keithley

    our family camped here last yr during doe season. we had a wonderful time and the campsites are very nice and clean. we are expecting to be back this weekend. thanks for a pleasant experience that we are hoping to make tradition.

    1. Gary Post author

      It’s a great place, and the camp hosts are very friendly too. Enjoy your stay, it is a great time of year for camping there. Berry Bend closes one weekend a year for a disabled hunting session. I checked online and couldn’t find any mention if it is closed this year (2012). Should you ever find Berry Bend Closed, Bucksaw Campground on the Grand River Arm of Truman (off Highway U) is only a few miles away and is quite nice too. The campsites that are open all year round aren’t as sheltered as those at Berry Bend, and there are no trails nearby. I found this map of Truman on Wikipedia:

  2. Jan Ebert

    I was wondering this being a gov campground is it going to be shut down on the 19th & 20th?
    the gov shut down has shut down a lot of parks and we wanted to come to warsaw for Heritage days and camp at Berry Bend as we have for the past 5yrs.
    Let me know if it is going to be open

    1. Gary Post author

      Unfortunately I do not know the answer to that question. Some campgrounds run by concessionaires have remained open with limited facilities. Berry Bend does have independent hosts, but I have no way of knowing if they are keeping the campground open. Checking the Internet archives of the Corps of Engineer’s Website for Berry Bend, I did find one information phone number you could try: (660)438-3872 Hopefully someone will be there to answer it.

    1. Gary Post author

      Sorry, I’ve no idea, you’d need to contact the campground manager or the Corps of Engineers to find out. From the website:

      For campground inquiries, please call: 660-438-3872

      (Date: June 12, 2021)


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