Ozarks Spring Wildflowers: Blue Eyed Grass

Blue Eyed Grass, a blue flowering grass-like prairie plant that grows in the Ozarks.

Appearing to be delicate, Blue Eyed Grass is a delight to find.

What a beauty! Blue Eyed Grass grows on well-drained dry areas on the edges of woodlands and glades. It’s also a major prairie plant. The leaves are a powdery bluish green and very much grasslike, though it is not a grass and is actually a member of the iris family. The flowers are held on stems coming from the grass-like blades. The flowers are blue with yellow centers. Some varieties are lighter, however, and one source lists them as almost white. I found the varieties I see the most in the central Ozarks to be dark blue like this.

There are four species of Sisyrinchium growing in the Ozarks so I won’t try to ID this to the species level. MDC has a good article about this wonderful plant.

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