Ozarks Spring Wildflowers: Spring Beauty

Picture of Spring Beauty, Claytonia virginica, small white flowers seen on the forest floor in very early spring.

Sweet little blossoms of Spring Beauty (Claytonia virginica). These were seen at Bell Mountain Wilderness in Iron County, Missouri.

In the very early spring you often see small white flowers with pink veins called Spring Beauties. They don’t last long peeking through last year’s leaves on the forest floor. Some flowers have more pink than others, with many being nearly pure white. The medium green leaves are thin blades like grass but are more fleshy and thick.

You can read more about Claytonia virginica here.

Picture of cluster of Spring Beauty, Claytonia virginica amongst the leaves on the forest floor in Bell Mountain Wilderness.

Some plants of Spring Beauty don't have as much pink veining and appear more white.

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