Pines Overlook Campsite at Night, Red Bluff Campground Davisville, Missouri

One of our favorite car camping spots is on the edge of a 140′ bluff overlooking Huzzah Creek, at Red Bluff Campground. Due to the drop off, this part of the campground is not recommended for young children.

Pines Overlook Campsite at night

Pines Overlook Campsite at night

The lights in this picture are mainly oil lamps. I love oil lamps and pressure lamps, so when we go car camping I pack a box of lanterns. They give off such a wonderful light and enhances the camping experience.

Read more about Red Bluff Campground and the Pines Overlook.

picture of campsite no 45 at red Bluff Campground, Davisville, Missouri

Campsite #45 Pines Overlook, Red Bluff Campground

Ginger Davis Allman enjoying the evening view at Pines Overlook Campsite

enjoying the view at Pines Overlook Campsite as the sun sets

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