Sailing on Stockton Lake, Missouri

Sailing isn’t one of Ozarks Walkabout’s normal outdoor activities. In fact, despite looking a few years ago, I didn’t know that you could rent a sailboat in the Ozarks until last week.

If you have an American Sailing Association Basic Keelboat sailing certificate you can rent a choice of Frank Butler designed Catalina 22 or Catalina 25 sailboats from Stockton State Park Marina. If you’ve haven’t got an ASA certificate, they also run a two day certification course.

Photograph looking ahead on the sail boat Cornucopia

Sailing on Stockton Lake

I went along to help out my Friend John who has just got his ASA Certificate, and wanted an experienced sailing buddy to go with him on his first sail without an instructor.

We had a great day on Stockton lake, sailing a total of 23.5 miles. We took it very easy with a reefed mainsail, so it wasn’t quite the workout hiking, backpacking, or Kayaking would have been. However, keeping balanced on a choppy lake is good for those core muscles.

I think I might have to get my ASA certificate – you can do a shorter ‘challenge’ training course if you are already experienced. I quite fancy mooring up for the night in one of the secluded coves of Stockton and enjoying a relaxing night on the water, instead of camping beside it. I challenge any of Stockton’s raccoons (or squirrels) to try and raid the food box on board!

GPS Track of a day sail on Stockton Lake Missouri

Our GPS Track for the day 23.5 Miles.

If you’ve never been sailing our course will look a little odd. The wind was coming up the lake from the south / south east. Not being able to sail straight into the wind we had to sail backwards and forwards (tack) across the lake to get upwind to Stockton State Park Marina, which explains our zig-zag track.

If you’re curious about my previous sailing experience there’s a very short write up about it, plus a brief video from this trip on my personal blog.

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  1. Todd

    Thanks so much for sharing your sailing adventure with us. I really enjoyed it. The pictures are great. I just recently bought a Catalina 22 but don’t know how to sail and looking for someone to go out with me for my first sail. Does John have a sailboat yet? If not, I could use the help 🙂


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