Sac River Trail – March 26, 2012

Strike while the iron is hot, they say. The weather was perfect and we just got back from a week’s backpacking trip to the St. Francois Mountains. We were eager to get a move on! Plus, the 12yo and 16yo wanted to get some exercise. Directly after school we filled water bottles and piled into the car and headed out for a hike on the Sac River Trail.

Within five minutes, in the first part of the trail along the river, our 12yo was bouncing along into the weeds when all of a sudden she screamed and jumped back, yelling about a snake. Sure enough, there was an enormous copperhead lying there in the grass. Just last week when we were in the Bell Mountain Wilderness and some hikers found a rattlesnake, I commented that I had never seen a poisonous snake in all my miles on the trails. I should have knocked on wood. Obviously.

Copperhead on Sac River Trail (Agkistrodon contortrix contortrix)

What a healthy copperhead What a healthy copperhead he was! Poor thing didn't need us bothering him. We took pictures and left him alone.

Pictures taken, snake examined, we continued on our way. We probably saw 5 or 6 bikers enjoying the perfect weather. One scared me to death. I try to be alert on the trail, but I get engrossed in taking pictures and forget. Thanks guys for giving a shout…it really helps!

The trail was in perfect condition. It was packed dirt, easy to walk on, with only a few muddy places. The few stream crossings were easily stepped over. For me at least. I think the 12yo loves to play in the water and sees this as an opportunity.

Sac River Trail

The trail and a typical example of the many glades to be found on the Sac River Trail.

Sac River Trail

Typical trail conditions on the Sac River Trail.

The old barn which fell down last fall is now in the process of being torn down for salvage. There was a note there about using the wood to create a new pavilion. That will be nice. I hope they place it at the barn site as it’s a great place to stop midway in your hike and have a snack.

Ginger Katie and Lanie take a short break by the old barn on the Sac Rver Trail

Ginger Katie and Lanie take a short break by the old barn on the Sac Rver Trail

Picture of Toadshade, Trillium sessile, a spring wildflower on Sac River Trail

These little beauties were everywhere. They're called Toadshade, or Trillium sessile

The dominant wildflowers I saw were Toadshade, Blue Phlox, False Garlic, and there are still some Spring Beauties about. The Wild Plums are finished blooming and the Redbuds are showing their age. Spring has come so fast this year. We also found some Morel Mushrooms.

Picture of Morel Mushroom (Morchella esculenta) found on the trail in Springfield, Missouri

Tiny little delicious Morel Mushrooms.

Total mileage this trip was 3.81 for the girls and 4.18 for Gary. He took the long way round at the end. We arrived back at the car sweaty and tired. It was a good hike. We arrived home just in time to cook dinner, Chicken Soup, and enjoy the birds singing in the backyard. A perfect day!

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