Winter Hike on the Silver Trail at Busiek

Commitments for the kids, work projects, and voluntary work have all conspired to keep us from hiking, camping and backpacking for the past couple of months. This afternoon we made the effort to leave our desks behind and hike what we call the ‘Hill Loop’ of the Busiek Silver Trail – 2.58 miles and 574 ft of Elevation.

We like the Silver Trail, it has some really steep 1:3 and 1:2 climbs. Just the thing for a couple of very out of condition hikers.

The air temperature was in the fifties, but there was still ice on the ground in places. Near the trailhead, above the trail, we discovered a large stock pond we’d not noticed before. Despite the warm air temperature it was pretty well frozen over. The only other new thing we noticed, were new trail markers. Diamond shapes in aluminum for the silver trail and yellow plastic, for the yellow trail. We’ll have to check the other trails to see if they are being put on all the trails.

GPS plot of the Silver Trail at Busiek with Elevation Profile.

GPS Track and Elevation Profile – Busiek Silver Trail Hiked February 3, 2013.

Maybe now we’ve managed to get out once this year, we’ll be able to get out more often. It was great to be back out on the trail. You should try it!

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