Busiek Silver Trail – Complete Hike

Sunday we hiked part of the Busiek Silver Trail. Wednesday we decided to go back and do the complete trail.

We were surprised to find that the complete trail only has a couple of hundred feet more climbing and is less than half a mile longer – we felt a bit cheated when we found that out, we thought we were letting ourselves in for a better workout. It was still good to be out again.

As before the climbs are on fairly rough ground, and certainly the 1:2, 1:3 grades could be dangerous if you slip and fall. We went clock-wise round the steep bits this time. Whichever way you go, the descent on the loose gravel is slow going.

Map and elevation profile for the Busiek State Forest and Wildlife Area Silver Trail

The Full Silver Trail 3 Miles and 743 ft. of elevation

Now we just need to keep getting out each week.

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