Glassberg Family Conservation Area Opens

The Glassberg Family Conservation Area in Jefferson County has been formally opened. The conservation area is located south of the I-44 near Eureka and St. Louis.

Glassberg Family Conservation Area

Glassberg Family Conservation Area – Photograph Courtesy Missouri Department of Conservation

According to MDC the Glassberg Family Conservation Area “is located within the watersheds of the Meramec River and LaBarque Creek. LaBarque Creek is one of the highest-quality stream systems in the St. Louis area. At least 42 species of fish live in the creek. This diversity is almost three times greater than that of any other Meramec River tributary below LaBarque. The new conservation area will be managed to help maintain the quality of the stream.”

The area has limestone bluffs with a scenic view of the river valley below. There is 1.5 miles of  trails/service roads to hike.  There is also a ½ mile loop trail around the scenic Buder Lake. Future plans for the area include another loop trail.

Getting to the Glassberg Family Conservation Area

Myron and Sonya Glassberg Family CA is located in northern Jefferson County. To Reach the area, go south on Route W from I-44 in Eureka, then go 4.3 miles west on Route FF. The area parking lot is on the north side (right) of the road approximately 0.4 mile past the intersection of John McKeever Road and Route FF.

Glassberg Family Conservation Area Links

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