New Trail Names at Hercules Glades

Back at the beginning of 2018 the majority of the trails at Hercules Glades were renamed. The more I think about it, the more I am coming to the conclusion that it wasn’t a good idea. There are lots of maps, videos, and references online that use the original names. Sooner or later some confusion is bound to arise.

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Mark Twain National Forest Closes Big Bay Campground

Caption: Closed.

Mark Twain National Forest has announced it is permanently closing the Big Bay Campground on Table Rock Lake, near Shell Knob, Missouri.

The near-by Big Bay boat launch and picnic area remains open.

The press release states that “The campground closing is part of Mark Twain National Forest’s long term recreation site management plan.

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Father and his two young sons die hiking the Ozark Trail – Are you properly prepared?

On Sunday January 13, David Decareaux was found dead, near Brushy Creek Lodge. His two sons who were with him later died in the hospital from the effects of the cold. David leaves a widow, Sarah, and three other children. Our sympathies go to the Decareaux family and all those impacted by these tragic events.

Whatever went wrong, we all make mistakes. Not only do we make mistakes, we sometimes do downright stupid things that ‘Seemed like a good idea at the time’.

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Happy Tenth Birthday to the Ozarks Trail Association

December 12, 2012 marks the 10th anniversary of the Ozark Trail Association.

Today in 2002, the articles of incorporation for the Ozarks Trail Association non-profit organisation were authorized by Missouri’s governor.

The Ozarks Trail Association is planning a birthday party in the spring, we’ll post details when we have them.

You can read the full article here: Ozarks Trail Association

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Shores Lake West Loop Trail Closed

The USDA Forest Service issued the following trail closure notice on December 6, 2012 for the Shores Lake (Franklin County, Arkansas) West Loop Trail.

“The Shores Lake West Loop Trail has been closed due to tree harvesting activities. This is done to protect public safety. If weather cooperates the trail should reopen within a few weeks.

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News Roundup – August 2012

A roundup of links to other websites with news and articles we’ve found interesting this month. Plus a list of the new and updated posts on Ozarks Walkabout in August. Mark Twain national Forest News August 31, 2012 Heading out into Mark Twain National Forest this weekend? The Forest service advises that you keep clear of river banks and rock bars and watch out for flash flooding on creek crossings.

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News Roundup – May 2012

A roundup of links to other websites with news and articles we’ve found interesting this month. Peaceful Moments at Tingler Prairie This short article from the Howell County News tells of a family’s visit to Tingler Prairie…

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