The Current (Video)

I came across this very nicely produced short video about the Current River by Thomas Malkowicz. Their campfire observations on the Current echo many of the sentiments I’ve heard and read expressed by people talking about wildernesses and nature everywhere.

THE CURRENT from Thomas Malkowicz on Vimeo.

Thomas Malkowicz on Vimeo.

The small aside about wanting to share their knowledge of the Current and the places they visit, and at the same time not wanting to share it, rings very true to me.

It’s a battle Ginger and I wage with ourselves here. If the wilderness doesn’t get used, we may eventually lose it. On the other hand there are so many thoughtless, irresponsible and inconsiderate people around, do we want to make it easier for them to gain access and trash the place?

All we can do is advocate ‘leave no trace‘ and try to educate.

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