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What’s this about Kayaks?

Teen girl paddling her kayak on Stockton Lake while her father watches from his kayak.

There are several types of kayaks and many new styles have come out in the last few years. Kayaking is quickly becoming a popular sport, and for good reason. Nearly everyone lives near a body of water. Kayaking requires (aside from purchase of the kayak, paddle, and life jacket) little outlay of cash. You can enjoy time on the water without having to deal with the expense and struggle of owning a motorized boat. And best of all it can be as easy and peaceful…or as challenging and demanding as you want to make it.

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Camping, it’s wonderful! The wide star filled skies, campfires and relaxation. At its simplest, camping is sleeping on blankets under the stars. At the other extreme it’s a fully decked out RV.

We’ve made finding where to go camping easy by bringing together all the various agency’s websites into one place, along with helpful articles to get you started and help you make your camping trip a success.

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Besides hundreds of miles of rivers to float, the Ozarks are blessed with dozens of man made reservoirs with clean water, healthy fish and easy access. All of them are fantastic for kayaking

Read our tips for getting the best kayaking and canoeing experiences.

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Backpacking Trial Run – Weekend Camping at Berry Bend

This weekend we tried out our backpacking gear. Friday evening we took several kids to Kansas City for a church event. We needed to be on hand to collect them again Sunday afternoon, so we left Lanie in the capable hands of Ginger’s cousin, put Getzger in charge at home and once we’d dropped the […]

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Camping at Berryman Trail & Camp

Mark Twain National Forest sign for Berryman Trail and Campground

Today we were up early (despite my late night fishing trip with Tom yesterday) and drove the 250 miles to St Louis, where we left the girls with their father to spend some time with him in Chicago. We then headed off to check out some nearby campsites. We’re really getting the camping bug. Camping […]

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